We have all been there. The mailroom, the lunchroom, the classroom, etc. A group of teachers have gathered. They are frustrated; they are underpaid; and they are tired. These factors often lead to complaining. Complaining about administration, complaining about students, and complaining about other faculty and staff members. As Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome write in Kids Deserve It, "School and classroom leaders control the mood of their environment. Others quickly pick up on negativity and complaining. It kills the mood, it drags others down, and most of all it pushes others away. We have to set the example" (86).  

What if you were the example? What if you were the change?

The students deserve this, and YOU deserve this. Working in negativity does pull us down. It makes us retreat to our "silos", and when that happens, nobody wins. Instead, follow these three tips, and you will be the change.