We want students to love learning and take charge of their learning journey in order to achieve a highly engaged and personalized learning environment.  Our blog, the speaking we do, and also the professional development we have been a part of centers around trying to create environments where not just students thrive, but staff as well.  We have a dream of schools where all stakeholders are empowered with a voice that supports the learning community to be amazing for students!

What Type of Speaking Do We Do?

  • Workshops for school districts, as well as in-service PD days

  • Keynotes for conferences, as well as featured presentations and workshops depending on need

  • Private book clubs for books we have reviewed

  • A variety of other speaking based on need, if in doubt, ask

We love sharing our vision and practical progress toward it, with different audiences.  Some key areas we have focused on during keynotes, workshops, professional development, and coaching opportunities, whether in-person or online, center around personalization, engagement, technology integration, and meaningful literacy instruction.   Our workshops / sessions are interactive and blend story-telling with practical how-to’s that participants can implement right away.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Creating a Passionate Literacy Community

  • Personalized Learning Environments for Staff and Students

  • Student Engagement and Empowerment

  • Meaningful Connected Literacy Instruction

  • Creation Through Technology Infusion

What You Can Expect:

  • Personal attention and development of project intended to fit your purpose

  • Prompt communication

  • Personalized and interactive delivery that will fulfill the needs of the target audience

  • Accessibility and an ongoing relationship after the talk