Kindness Should not be Random

We survived our student leadership summit this week. It was two days of intensive training and preparation for the upperclassmen in our school. Honestly, it was a ton of work - but it was AWESOME! The feedback from the kids and parents was worth all the effort that we put into it and I can't wait to see how we keep the momentum alive this year with our students. 

One of our favorite presenters, Joe,  used this video to talk about kindness and why it should not be random, but instead, intentional. I hope that we can keep that conversation going and further increase the mindful acts of kindness throughout our school community. When I watch the video I love that it is a child who reminds us to get our heads on straight, work together, and be amazing. 

I don't know about you, but my favorite part of teaching is the inspiration I find in all the kids around me, showing up every day, failing... succeeding... and figuring life out. This week I've been especially spoiled by a few whose kindness is setting the world on fire! Enjoy this leadership video and Happy Friday!

Why You Need an Inspirational Fight Song

It's a Friday Fight Song @

Leaders find the inspiration to stay strong and dig deep.

They work hard to achieve their dreams and take the time to enjoy the journey. Use this 1:09-min. video to rev up your inspiration, celebrate your week, and get excited about what is to come!

Get Inspired to be a Leader in the Toughest Times

Sometimes we just need a great motivational movie clip to fill

our sails with the power to move forward.

@ SchoolYardJunkies we are celebrating those that build a

diverse community of success within their schools.

Use this video 2:41-min video to motivate and inspire those that lead through challenging times.

How to be a Happy Person

We've got our HAPPY on @ SchoolYardJunkies

Leaders live their moral compass and know the secrets to happiness.

Use this 3:08-minute video to inspire those around you to find their

happy place and take a few minutes to have a little fun today!

How to be a Champion

AMAZING people have a Dream

@ SchoolYardJunkies we are celebrating those who live the lives of champions never giving up and living their dreams.

Do you have what it takes to be a champion?

Use this 4:22min video to inspire the greatness in yourself

and those around you.


How to Support Each Other in Faith

Happy Sunday!

@ we are excited to share the Pope's July 2017 video

about sharing our faith and

lifting each other up in hard times.

Leadership is all about empowering and the

Pope's message is a beautiful call to do God's work.  

Use it to inspire others to live a life of faith.

Why you need to Find Your Grace

Happy Sunday!

We're excited to be celebrating our faith today

@ SchoolYardJunkies

Being a leader is about finding your purpose and lifting up those around you to be AMAZING for the one who gave everything for us!

Share this 3:55 min. video and get excited about Grace

John 3:16

How to Find The Magic Behind Being Amazing

What looks like magic on the outside is actually a lot of hard work. Leaders know that the secret to being AMAZING is to keep revising and never be satisfied. 

@ We're celebrating the power of never giving up and the creativity that comes from constantly revising.

Don't be content - Be Amazing!

How to Respond When you Fail

We're celebrating the power of overcoming failure


This is a classic 2:58 min. video on the power of failure as part of the journey. 

Starting over after a failure is never easy, but it is part of the learning process. Use this video as a reminder of the power of resiliency on the path to becoming AMAZING!

If you have never failed,

you have never tried anything new.

How to Inspire Those Around You to Overcome Their Hurdles

We're excited about leaders who empower those around them @

What do the people around you need to become inspired to overcome their hurdles?

Check out this 4:19 min. video for a little inspiration on the

power of supporting each other with just the right present!

The Present

How to Inspire Leadership with Trust & be a Person Worth Following

We're sharing leadership inspiration

The Essence of Leadership

This 2:42 min. video gets to the root of leadership... 


Use it to inspire becoming a person who is worth following!